Automatic Referral Program

Word-of-mouth Marketing on Auto-Pilot

Referrals - Word-of-mouth has and continues to be,  the best marketing any business can get. Everyone trusts recommendations from friends and family — more than any other form of advertising. So grow your business on referrals using the ReputationBIZ platform. 

ReputationBIZ Referral Program

Let us show you how to tap into your base of satisfied customers to grow your customer-base with referral marketing. Every message on the  ReputationBIZ platform includes a message to refer a friend to your business. Those customers who love your business will automatically receive your message of thanks for their positive feedback and ask them to refer your business tothers. You can even offer incentives and rewards for referrals.

Social Media Sharing

When your happy customers submit positive feedback about your business, those 4 and 5-Star reviews are automatically posted on your social networks for the world to see.

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