Case Study - Scottsdale Academy

4.7 Stars #1 on Google

"More than a pre-school, we want to be an extended family" Scottsdale Academy raising the bar...

Scottsdale Academy adopted ReputationBIZ as a resource to reach out to their parents to get their feedback and open communication. Each parent is sent a feedback request to provide a rating of their child's overall experience. ReputationBIZ immediately routes both a text and email detailing the parents feedback to the owner's attention providing real time communications with all involved. 

The Results

Nothing is more important than insuring open communication and feedback from our families --- With ReputationBIZ we can get important feedback from each parent on all of our teachers.  Our 4 and 5-Star reviews are routed to give our happy parents the opportunity to leave their reviews online and we can immediately address any parents concerns the moment we get their feedback” Says Roy Keister.

Scottsdale Academy owns the very top of Google’s first page with a 4.7 Star rating.
Check it out. Google Preshool Tallahassee. 

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