Case Study - Stanley Steemer

4.7 Stars Over 10,000 Customer Feedback Submissions!

Stanley Steemer of South Florida has been committed to the highest levels of customer service since 1977. Management called each and every customer after every service visit to determine the quality of service and professionalism of the crew.

In May of 2014 Stanley Steemer implemented the ReputationBIZ platform to achieve these primary goals.

  1. Create a simple customer feedback program to tracks customer service by each service team without having to call each customer.
  2. Implement customer service culture with a measurable reward program for the techs that got the highest customer feedback ratings.
  3. Drive a steady flow of positive reviews to be posted online with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and Facebook, etc. creating trust with prospective customers.

The Results

In the first nine months we got  over 1250 customer feedback reviews that documented exactly how each service call went. Our 4 and 5-Star reviews were automatically routed to give our happy customers the opportunity to leave their reviews online.” Says Tom Scalera, Before ReputationBIZ we would not have known what our customers were thinking with the high cost of calling all of them. Now on our ReputationBIZ dashboard we see all the positive reviews being posted and we are getting more calls, more customers and more profits.

Stanley Steemer moved from the 3rd page of Google to the very top of Google’s first page with a 4.7 Star rating.
Check it out. Google Carpet Cleaning Delray. 

 The service tech’s know each customer is going to get a review request and rate their customer service and that the company is measuring the results. At the Monday morning meetings reviews are discussed with incentive programs for the top service techs. It is human nature to focus on things that are measured.

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