Employee Incentive Programs

Empower Your Employees To Get Reviews

Your receptionist and employee can quickly input a review request on their phone or iPad allowing them to ask for customer feedback at the best time.

Our mobile review process allows customers the ability to quickly provide feedback and leave reviews right from their phone on popular review sites like Google, Yelp & Facebook.

Simple Form To Capture Customer Data

Your employees or front desk staff simply enter the customers mobile number or email address  and tag and track feedback to the appropriate employee.

The customers are not aware they are giving feedback to that specific employee giving you true insight into their performance. The application works seamlessly on any mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Track Feedback Totals Per Employee

You can easily track the total number of feedback received by each employee and compare their review score totals relative to everyone else in the company.

This provides valuable insight regarding who are your highest performing employees actively working to promote your business to generate more leads and online reviews. Many of our clients use our monthly reports in employee meetings and set up incentive programs to reward great customer service.

Track Each Employees Performance

 Our proprietary feedback process gives you the opportunity to see exactly how each employee is performing based on recent customer feedback. As a business owner nothing is more important than knowing how your employees interact with your customers.

Each new request can be discretely tagged to an individual employee or department, allowing you to see exactly what your customers think of their performance. Easily view the ratings and see how each employee’s ratings stack up when compared to other employees.

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